Matt Singer brings crafty lyricism and a warm sound to a surprising range of catchy, wistful folk-pop songs. His music is refreshing because it doesn’t do just one thing. He’ll start a song in a hushed baritone and then stretch his voice to the upper limits, much like the songs themselves run the gamut from the melancholy and earnest to the goofy and ironic. More than just a wordsmith or “craftsman” (Time Out), Matt makes music that reaches people because it taps into something true. He has been compared to artists from Paul Simon and Elvis Costello to The Magnetic Fields and They Might Be Giants. Matt’s approach is rooted in the happy union of his quirky, earnest songwriting and his lively and inventive guitar playing, but he also knows how to let his songs expand against his band’s buoyant and playful rhythms into a vibrant sound.

Brooklyn-based with New Jersey roots, Matt is a presence in the New York City music scene. He has played premier New York venues including Bowery Ballroom, Joe’s Pub, Gramercy Theatre, and Mercury Lounge, and has toured in the U.S., the U.K., and Europe. Matt’s live performance has been described as a “joyous roots sound strung through an urban outlet” (Village Voice). With a combination of his “silly yet sincere” persona (The Deli), improvisational stage antics, and infectious melodies, Matt generates a cozy atmosphere at his shows, transforming his audience into a small community.

If Matt’s EP, “The Drought,” was a break-up, his LP, “The Build,” is a new beginning. Produced by Andy Baldwin (Bjork, The Cat Empire, Wakey!Wakey!), “The Build” traces Matt’s personal journey from inhibition and doubt to exuberant exploration of the possibilities that abound. In the spirit of the album, Matt has recently been venturing into uncharted territory, including filming his debut music video, “All This Joy,” featured on WXPN. The video, in which a drab everyday world is transformed into a colorful wonderland through puppetry and animation, captures the message of the song: that the deepest joy often lies outside of your comfort zone. Since this first departure, Matt has been inspired to tread new artistic paths, including developing an original web series and collaborating with visual artists, comedians, and playwrights. As the title of the album suggests, Matt keeps building higher.