Who is this "music poet" from Belarus named Blomky Plotzkin, managed by Matt Singer? With musical stylings that he calls Slav-Pop, Blomky sells out shows in his homeland and proudly states that his success has "spread like incurable virus throughout Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and little bit Russia except when Premier Putin is too busy stomping around, wrestling bear and impinging on personal freedom of Blomky. Anyway, I am ready for Big Apple." Equipped with his ukelele, an assortment of loud and tight-fitting outfits and his ever palpable grandiosity, Blomky plans "to mesmerize New Yorkers with passionate story tales that captivate your heart, your soul, your eyes, your ears, your... the rest of your face. Everywheres." Blomky's songs tend to revolve around his many tragic falls. But if heartbreak is the central theme, then his resilience, stubbornness and foolish optimism are Blomky's eternal counterpoints. Not to mention, he frequently moves his hips and pelvis with gusto, even during moments when such behavior seems out of place, if not totally inappropriate. Drenka Seshkonayovich from the Belorusskaya Delovaya Gazeta writes, "Blomky. Wow." Blomky is ready for the Big Apple. Is the Big Apple ready for Blomky?

BLOMKY! MUSIC (Free Downloads!)  Engineered and mastered by Tommy Harron:


BLOMKY! LIVE at UCB East, Sept. 2014


BLOMKY! auditions for NPR Tiny Desk Concerts!